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How to Get That Natural Summer Glow

The sun is starting to come back out with a vengeance, which means it is time to be extra vigilant in your skincare routine! It’s crucial to make sure you’re using sunscreen, caring for your skin properly and using ingredients that protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays and fight free radicals. Using skincare with natural, antioxidant ingredients will ensure your skin stays protected AND glowing all summer long.

Fight Sun Damage

The sun’s energy and natural vitamin D can be great for us, but it can also do a lot of damage if not protected and left vulnerable for too long. During the summer, the sun is out for longer and often so are we, and so are the sun's UV rays, including UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays cause aging, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, and UVB rays can give you a sunburn and can potentially cause skin cancer. So first and foremost, always apply a trusted sunscreen! We recommend finding one that is plant-based and natural.

It is important to use products that have ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, olive oil, calendula, raspberry, cranberry and grape seed, which all either aid in protecting the skin from UV rays or fighting free radicals.

Free radicals occur when molecules become unstable, which causes breaking down of the skin’s collagen, aging, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and sagging. It's important to take extra care of your skin before and after being in the sun to prevent and control damage. Using sunscreen with substantial SPF and serums with UV and free radical-fighting ingredients is your best bet!

Summer Day to Night Skincare Routine

Cleanser: Finding a cleanser that washes your face without completely stripping it of its natural oils is essential to prevent dryness and skin barrier breakdown. That’s why we created our Botanical Cleanser, rich in vitamin A, E and C, aloe vera, cranberry and more to nourish the skin and protect its natural barrier while cleansing.

Sunscreen with SPF: Because some people need a friendly reminder -- don't forget your sunscreen!!! Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum to protect from UVA and UVB rays and has at least SPF 30 (preferably more if you live by the beach or in the mountains, work outside or have sensitive skin). Also check the ingredients and make sure it contains either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide rather than oxybenzone or avobenzone. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are minerals that work by deflecting UV rays while other chemical ingredients absorb UV rays. And finally, make sure whichever sunscreen you use doesn't cause redness or irritation to your skin. Tip: Mineral sunscreens tend to be better for sensitive and acne-prone skin!

Toner: Once you get a taste of our delicious rose and hibiscus infused toner, you won’t go back to any other drugstore toner with unnecessary chemicals! A natural toner is super beneficial to keep on you all year long to give the skin a boost of hydration and keep the sun from drying your skin out.

Our Radiance Toner is perfect for a refreshing burst of hydration whenever you need it. It’s made with only three all-natural ingredients to keep you naturally glowing, fresh and dewy all summer long.

Serum: A solid serum is essential to have in your skincare kit year round. But applying one with sun-friendly ingredients in the summer can make all the difference in keeping your skin protected from UV rays and sun damage.

The Radiance Facial Serum is our pick for the summer, to apply in the morning and at night. This serum is packed full of cranberry and grapeseed oils which have loads of vitamin C and E which help protect against harmful UV rays. It also features our classic Radiance ingredient power duo, rose and hibiscus, for reverse aging effects from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots.

Spot Treatment: Summer fun sometimes comes with a bump, scratch or two, so of course we had to include our Lifesaver Salve on this list for spot treatment! This salve is suitable for the whole family and naturally improves the skin’s defense mechanism and ability to recover and regenerate. From aiding bug bits to burns to scratches, this salve is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal. It’s also perfect to seal and moisturize fresh tattoos and repel water, since it’s coconut oil based.

Our salve is specifically formulated to take advantage of the entourage effect of full-spectrum hemp CBD with the natural power of plants and their terpenes. Some of the best ingredients to use in combination with CBD that are also in our salve include turmeric, black pepper, ginger, clove, mango and more, to provide even more therapeutic benefits. It also contains ingredients that prevent UV radiation damage, including vitamins C and vitamin E, so it can be used before going out into the sun. Our salve is known to aid with muscle soreness, aching joints, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, burns and more!

Exfoliate: Don’t forget the summer scrubs! Check the scrub in your shower — does it have any random chemicals, sulfates or ingredients you don’t know? If so, get yourself an all-natural scrub instead!

Our Citrus C Life Scrub is plant-based, chemical-free and packed with therapeutic salts to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing all summer long. This is the best Life Scrub we have for mornings as its citrus ingredients are energizing and uplifting! This scrub is made to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and strengthen the skin’s ability to repair itself, which makes this scrub perfect for before you’ve spent the day in the summer sun. PLUS, this scrub is packed full of vitamin C which aids in some extra protection against the sun in combination with exfoliating.

For a calming nighttime scrub, get the Radiance Rose Clay Scrub, which is has an organic cane sugar base rather than salts, which can sometimes be too harsh to exfoliate skin with after being out in the sun. This scrub is ideal for sensitive, dry skin, and is avocado oil based and features rose and hibiscus.

A reliable skincare routine with all-natural, intentional products can make all the difference in how your skin responds in the sun. All of our products are made with organic, plant-based, ethically sourced ingredients made with sensitive and maturing skin in mind. Plus, many of our products can help restore damage that the sun has already caused -- if used consistently.

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